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We are passionate about bringing cost effective marketing, PR and communications to any organisations operating in these sectors

Boundary Marketing & PR was set up to help organisations in the highways and infrastructure sectors to develop, engage and communicate more effectively.

Combining the skills, experience and networks of industry media and marketing professionals Helen Blood and Adrian Tatum, we will support you in pushing the boundaries of what you do and how you do it.

The highways and infrastructure sectors move at an incredibly fast pace. These changes are rapid and relentless. So, any company operating in it, whatever part of the supply chain, needs to be intelligent, agile and flexible to stay ahead. By pushing the boundaries, you won’t do what you have always done – you will be different – original, but still trusted and respected…

Case Studies

Boundary Marketing & PR – Engaging with the highways and infrastructure
Full-service delivery


In 2020 Helen was approached by the Commercial Director following a recommendation from a mutual contract. The Clearway Group (Clearway) wanted to step up their marketing and recognised they needed more support.

Boundary Marketing & PR – Engaging with the highways and infrastructure
Project delivery

WPS Group

In September 2021, Boundary was approached by the Technical Director who had previously worked with Helen in another business.


Push your boundaries, that's
what they're there for."

Colleen Hoover

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