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Are you a local authority looking for help with public perception and engagement?

Well-maintained local roads are always high on the public’s agenda and remain almost every council’s largest asset. They also help provide reliable and safe journeys, and a platform to encourage different modes of transport as well as active travel and public transport.

In recent years funding has declined but more local authorities are still taking a proactive approach by investing more money into their road network as well as taking a different approach to the way they treat their roads.

The only way these investments and work will get noticed, positively, is by communicating them more effectively with the public.

We support local authority highways and transport departments to communicate more effectively with their communities.

The service has been designed to help local authorities to engage more effectively with the public to explain why highway and infrastructure works are important and how they are helping to protect and preserve local roads for the future, making them safer and more sustainable.

This helps support highway authorities to improve public satisfaction ratings relating to highways, at a time when central communications departments have a number of different priorities to detail to the public every day, ensuring all council departments are able to disseminate important information to their residents.

We can

  • Help improve customer satisfaction, perception and understanding of your authority’s highway services, investments etc.
  • Help explain why highway works are important and explain the different approaches and treatments delivered
  • Provide additional support to local authority/contractor communications teams
  • Develop campaigns and communications activities to match the priorities of the highways team in the authority
  • Use data and insight to create graphics, infographics etc. to help tell your story

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Read our Luton Council case study and find out more about how we help Local Authorities.

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